Manhattan Beach-Beach Cities Home Price Trends

Kaye Thomas January 14, 2017





I think the graph below gives a great visual picture of the different Beach Cities’ real estate markets .. Manhattan Beach is definitely the highest priced of the four Beach Cities. All the Beach Cities show an upward trend in home prices.. Some seem to be moving faster than others but all are on a steady upswing.


Hermosa Beach over the years often tends to mirror  Manhattan Beach price trends  but at  lower price points.   Redondo Beach home prices have remained relatively stable. They are moving upward but at a significantly slower pace than Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach.


El Segundo home prices are the surprise.. Since 2011 El Segundo home prices have showed major changes.  In 2011 home prices were on a par with  Redondo Beach but since the end of 2015 they are more closely mirroring prices in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.



Manhattan Beach-Beach Cities Home Prices: 2011-2016:



It will be interesting to see how the trend continues into 2017.  El Segundo appears to have a good chance of moving ahead of Redondo Beach  in home prices which would signal a major change.  However, if South Redondo is used as a marker independent of North Redondo,  it remains ahead of El Segundo as far as home prices.

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