Redondo Beach: Home Sales May-July 2017

Kaye Thomas August 12, 2017




Redondo Beach is still the most affordable coastal  Beach City;   For years Redondo Beach was the city buyers headed toward when Manhattan and Hermosa got too pricey..  but maybe not for long.   South Redondo has finally been discovered as a charming area within walking distance to the water.   Prices in North Redondo have been shooting up in the last year as 2 on a lot townhomes are moving over $1 million.  Times they are a changin’


Redondo Beach is the largest of the South Bay-Beach Cities.   City boundaries run from Palos Verdes to the edge of Manhattan Beach.  Home buyers usually divide the city into 2 areas… North Redondo and South Redondo. North Redondo is inland while South Redondo is situated along the coastline.  Most of the homes in North Redondo are townhomes with a few scattered areas of single family homes.  South Redondo still has a number of single family homes as well as a growing number of townhomes.


Townhomes seem to be the affordable housing of the South Bay-Beach Cities.   The land has become so expensive that being able to build more than one home on a lot has helped with the housing shortage facing much of the South Bay. Many townhomes feel like single family homes.  Many have private back yards.  They may be small but they are highly prized.


As with all the Beach Cities inventory remains on the low side., When you consider the size of Redondo it is remarkable just how few homes are for sale. There are almost 30,000 dwelling units in Redondo Beach.  That is twice the number of homes in Manhattan Beach and three times the number in Hermosa Beach. If you click on the chart below you will see there only 151 active listings for sale in all of Redondo Beach.


Homeowners really do seem to be staying put in their homes forever!




Redondo Beach: Active Listings May-July 2017:

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Redondo Beach: Home Prices May-July 2017: 






Redondo Beach: Number of Homes Sold May-July 2017: 

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