2018 Christmas and Holiday Events in The Beach Cities

Fun Christmas – Holiday  Events in  Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo ….December 2018

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It’s that special time of year….. a time when small kids dream of Santa, toys and candy and big kids dream about toys, candy, and stress!  The Holiday Season is upon us!.  We put lights on houses, ornaments on trees and children of all ages know it is a magical time of the year…

I love the Holiday Season….. Many homeowners in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo do some amazing light displays and Christmas/Holiday decorations. El Segundo and other cities have whole neighborhoods of homes that bring visitors from near and far to see the wonderful winter wonderland displays.

There are a number of special celebrations in the Beach Cities including Tree lighting, Pier Fireworks, Hanukkah celebrations,  a Holiday Boat Parade and even a Sand Snowman contest!  Our little Beach towns have retained their unique Holiday traditions. If you want to know what’s happening in the Beach Cities during the Holidays… just scroll down and you will find the major activities for Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo. It’s a wonderful time of year..


Sadly the Neptunian’s will not be doing Gift Wrap at the Manhattan Mall this year. All the remodeling and updating in the Mall have reduced the available floor space so we were unable to set up the large space we need to wrap gifts.. Look for us next year! 



Sandpiper Holiday Homes Tour…..  November 30-December 2nd 2018  The Sandpipers will hold their annual Holiday Home Tour featuring South Bay homes. The tour runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  For more information  click on link above 







Manhattan Beach:







Santa flying



December 1 2018:
North Manhattan Beach Holiday Open House and WalkAbout.. 5:00-9:00 pm... Find Santa at the Miracle on 34th Street  from 6:00-8:00 pm





Saturday, December 1, 2018  10:00, 1:00 and 4:00:    Gingerbread House workshop.. click the link for more information..


32nd annual Family Crafts Night: December 8th 2018 Joslyn Center  1601 Valley Dr. 5:00-8:00 pm.. call (310) 802-5448 for more information.





Saturday December 9, 2018   30th Annual Skechers Fireworks Show!  The fun starts at 2:00 pm Fireworks at 7:00 Rain or shine!



Saturday December 22, 2018   Manhattan Beach Glowtide Run .. This is truly a one of a kind race.. . Adult race starts at 5:30 .  . Click the above link for more information



Here Comes  Santa Claus

Santa starts his rounds  Monday, November 26, 2018.. and he will be looking for good little girls and boys until December 14, 2018..    Please click the following link (Santa Float Manhattan Beach)  to see a map of the route and where the float will start each evening. The float will be starting at 4:45   There is no rain day makeup



Manhattan Village Mall Events:  Photos with SantaManhattan Beach Mall..Click on the link to see time and dates for all the fun mall events including Breakfast with Santa, pictures with your pet and more.. 


Monday  evening… December 24, 2018… T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…. You know the rest…








Hermosa Beach:   



Saturday  December 1, 2018


Hermosa Beach Holiday Open House and Tree Lighting... Events start at 11:00 and include Santa’s Holiday Village Tree lighting at 6:00 at the Hermosa Beach Pier.  Come join the excitement as the Hermosa Beach community lights up the holiday tree as this once a year tradition revs it up a few notches…






Sunday:  December 2, 2018  3:00 pm...  Lighting of  Community Menorah Pier Plaza






Saturday December  8, 2018 Santa Sand Snowman contest 9:-12:00 at 15th and the beach..Event information can be found by calling the City of Hermosa Beach Recreation and Community Resources Department at (310)318.0280.







 Sleigh Ride in Hermosa Beach ..: Changes to schedule.. see new dates due to weather…

The sleigh ride with Santa will be held on  December 12, 2018 and .December 18, 2018 Santa will arrive in his sleigh with his helpers ( Hermosa Beach Fire and Police Departments) at 5 stops on each of the two evenings.. Santa will spend 20 minutes at each stop so residents can take photos with Santa.. This wonderful event is sponsored by The Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch with lots of help from HBPD and HBFD..


Santa Locations:  

Tuesday: 12/6/18

Westbound Pier Avenue
Southbound Hermosa Avenue

6:00 PM Stop #1 – 600 block Hermosa Ave
Eastbound 4th Street
Northbound Monterey Blvd

6:30 PM Stop #2 – 400 Block Monterey Blvd
Eastbound 10th Street
Northbound Loma Drive
Eastbound 11th Street

7:00 PM Stop #3 – 500 Block 11th Street
Southbound Valley Drive

7:30 PM Stop #4 – South Park
Eastbound 2nd Street
Northbound Ardmore Avenue
Eastbound 5th Street
Southbound Prospect Avenue
Westbound 2nd Street
Northbound Hollowell

8 PM Stop #5 – 300 Block Hollowell
Northbound Prospect Avenue
Eastbound 15th Street
Northbound Golden Avenue

8:30 PM Stop #6 – 1500 Block Golden Ave
(End of Stops)
Westbound 16th Street
Southbound Prospect Avenue
Westbound Aviation Blvd
Northbound PCH
Westbound Pier Avenue
Santa will stop as close to these locations as possible.Times at each location are approximate.Inclement weather may cause change in schedule.

Thursday 12/12/18

Eastbound Pier Avenue
Northbound PCH
Eastbound 18th Street
Northbound Hillcrest Drive
6:00 PM Stop #1 – 2000 Block Hillcrest Drive
Westbound 21st Street

6:30 PM Stop #2 – 600 Block 21st Street
Northbound Ardmore Avenue
Westbound Gould Avenue
Southbound Valley Drive
Westbound 21st Street

7:00 PM Stop #3 – 500 Block 21st Street
Northbound Power Street
Westbound 24th Street
Northbound Silverstrand Avenue

7:30 PM Stop #4 – 2400 Block Silverstrand
Westbound 25th Street
Northbound Myrtle Avenue
Eastbound 26th Street
Northbound Morningside Drive
Eastbound Pier Avenue
End Hermosa Beach PD

8:00 PM Stop #5 – 3000 Block Morningside Drive
(End of Stops)
Westbound Longfellow Avenue
Southbound Hermosa Avenue
Westbound 22nd Street
Southbound The Strand
Eastbound 2nd Street
Northbound Hermosa Avenue
End Hermosa Beach PD

The attached map details Santa’s route. Be sure to listen for the sirens and music–that will be an indication that Santa is nearing your location!






Monday evening… December 24, 2018...T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…. You know the rest…









Redondo Beach:  




Thursday November 29, 2018.. Stroll Riviera Village…  Riviera Village 5:00-9:00 ….. Don’t miss this lvely Holiday tradition   


Tuesday December  4, 2018...  Annual Tree Lighting The Civic Center… 415 Diamond Avenue…


                Tree Lighting at 4:30 pm..        

The Menorah Lighting at 5:30     


Friday, December 7, 2018:   ANNUAL VICTORIAN HOLIDAY PARTY...5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m…At the Morrell House 298 Flagler Lane


Saturday, December 8, 2018….


                                                                    Holiday Concert and Santa at the Redondo Pier .. .  2:00-4:00 pm



boat 1

     Annual King Harbor Boat Parade….  starts about 4:30 p.m  for paddle boards and 5:30 for boats.. The Grand Marshall is  Ted Lang from the Love Boat….. There is public access  from a number of locations locations off of Harbor Drive. as well as many restaurants.

King Harbor Marina/Moonstone Park – There is limited free  bleacher seating provided by Bay Club. 3:30 PM ..food trucks will be selling lots of goodies..
Redondo Beach Marina Sport Fishing Pier – You can find this spot from  Beach Marina parking lot off Harbor Drive or park at the Pier and take a short walk to the sport fishing area.. .
There is free  outdoor viewing along the Sea Wall  at the end of Portofino Way….

 Where to park:… City Parking at the Redondo Beach Pier North Lot
King Harbor Marina off of Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach Marina Lot off of Harbor Drive



Santa flying

Santa Visits Redondo:  .

Redondo Beach Santa Sleigh 2018 Schedule and Routes


Saturday 12-01-18 Route 6: Start at Ruxton and Rockefeller and go W/B to
Aviation Wy. Turn right and come E/B on Carnegie to Ruxton. Turn left and W/B on Vanderbilt to Aviation Way.

Sunday 12-02-18 Route 7: Start at Clark and Harkness, go E/B Clark to
Ripley. North on Felton then W/B on Harriman to Harkness, and E/B on Huntington to Ripley.

Monday 12-03-18 Route 8: Start at Flagler and Armour, go W/B to Harkness,
RIGHT, then right to Spreckels and E/B to Ripley. Go left and come back W/B onHavemeyer. Turn left on Flagler and go to Spreckels then right to Harkness, right again to Morgan and go E/B to Blossom. Then left to Speyer and come back W/B on Speyer to Harkness. Make a right and go to Pullman. Go E/B on Pullman to Ripley, then right on Ripley to MacKay. Turn right on MacKay and turn left onto
Belmont W/B Belmont to Harkness.


Wednesday 12-06-18 Route 10: Start at 190th and Pruitt, go to Armour and
travel E/B to Firmona. Make a left and come back W/B on Spreckels to Pruitt. Right to Fisk and E/B to 190th, then right and another right on Firmona. Go N/B to Alvord and stop for a few minutes, then go to Ralston and W/B to Pruitt. Make a left at Pruitt and come back E/B on 2500-2600 Alvord. Go left at Inglewood Av. Left again at Ralston, then right on Felton. At 185th St, turn left to Pruitt, then right to 184th, and E/B on 184th across Inglewood to Firmona. Go right to 185th and W/B on 185th back to Felton. Go N/B to 183rd, and E/B to Firmona, then W/B to Felton on 182nd Pl, and back E/B on 182nd St to Inglewood.

Thursday 12-06-18  Route 11: Start at 190th and Green, go N/B to Ripley,
then right and back S/B on Cluster. Make a left at 190th to Blossom, then N/B on Blossom to Havemeyer, E/B on Havemeyer to Rindge. Go right to service road at 190th, and make a left. Go to Earle and do each of the Courts. Then E/B on Ripley to Meyer. Right on Meyer. Left on 190th to Phelan, N/B on Phelan to Fisk, then W/B to High, right and back E/B on Alvord. Go right to Lilienthal. Make a Uturn
at the park and come back N/B to Ralston. Go W/B on Ralston to Meyer, then right and back E/B on Hill to Lilienthal. W/B on Ives, and E/B on Hadley. Take Lilienthal, Ripley to Marshallfield W/B to Harkness.

Friday 12-07-18 Route 12: Start at Amethyst and Harkness, Turn left on 190th
and go west to Goodman, turn right, then W/B on Lomax to Prospect. Turn right to Van Horne, then E/B Van Horne to Harkness. Make a left then W/B on Armour to Reynolds. Continue to do 1600-1700 blks to Speyer, then do Harper to Aviation, Steinhart back to Belmont, then N/B Goodman to Aviation. Come back on Stanford to Belmont and N/B Ford to Aviation.

Saturday 12-8-18 Route 13: Start at RBPD and go N/B on Broadway to
Catalina, back S/B on Elena to Carnelian. Make a left and take PCH, then make a left on Beryl and do Francisca. North on Catalina. Then S/B on PCH to Diamond. Turn left on Diamond and go to N. Gertruda. Go N/B on Gertruda to Carnelian. Make a right, go to Guadalupe, then S/B tp Diamond. Make a left, to Irena, then N/B on Irena to Agate. Right turn to Juanita, then S/b on Juanita to
Del Amo. Turn left and go to Lucia. N/B on Lucia to 190, turn right and come back S/B on Maria to Del Amo. Then N/B on Paulina to 190th. St.

Sunday 12-09-18 Route 14: Start at RBPD, go S/B on Broadway to Torrance
Bl, then E/B Torrance to S. Francisca. Go N/B to Vincent Park, then right, come back S/B on Guadalupe, to Torrance, then left to Helberta and back N/B to Vincent, then right to Irena, S/B to Torrance, then left and back N/B on Juanita to Vincent. Come back S/B on S. Lucia to Torrance.

Monday 12-10-18 Route 15: Start at Broadway and Torrance go S/B to Knob
Hill, then N/B on Elvira to Sapphire. Turn right and cross PCH on Sapphire to Knob Hill, turn right and come back to Gertruda. Go N/B to Pearl, then left to Francisca, left again to PCH. Then left onto Sapphire, this time go to Helberta and go left to S. Irena, come back S/B on S. Irena. Left on Serpentine, then left again on S. Juanita to Camino Real.

Tuesday 12-11-18  Route 16: Start at Pearl / Susanna. S/B Susanna, turn
corner to Faye & continue Faye N/B to Pearl. Prospect to Torrance, left to Lucia, left. S/B Lucia to Rita, right on Rita W/B to Juanita, N/B Juanita to Torrance. Irena S/B to Judy, right turn Judy N/B to Pearl. Pearl W/B to Camino Real, N/B to Miramar. Miramar W/B to Francisca, N/B to Sierra Vista E/B. End Sierra Vista/Camino Real. Families on Opal & Pearl meet Santa on Lucia,
Juanita, or Irena!

Wednesday 12-12-18 Route 17: Start at Ave G / PV W/B to PCH, then E/B
on Ave F to PV. W/B on Ave E, make a right on Ave D to S/B Gertruda, then back on Helberta to Ave D., S/B on S. Irena (Do Ave D as you are going back and forth on Gertruda, Helberta and Irena). Take PV to Prospect and do the 1000 blk Ave D, then W/B on Ave C back, including 1000 block, then E/B on Ave B(including 1000 block), then Ave A(1000 block) to PCH. Take Knob Hill to Camino Real.

Thursday 12-13-18 Route 18: Start at S. Irena and PV Bl, go east to 1400
blk, then back to W/B on Helberta to PV, then E/B on S. Gertruda go to Messina and Circle Drs. Then W/B on Ave E to Pv, and E/B on Ave F to Prospect. Then W/B Ave G to PV. Then S/B on PV to Catalina. Turn and immediately take the left to Camino de la Costa. Go W/B on Paseo de la Playa, come back E/B on Vista del Mar, then N/B along the 1700 Blk of Camino de la Costa to Ave I. Make a left and to go the Esplanade. N/B Esplanade to Knob Hill. Continue route E/B Knob Hill to PCH, S/B PCH to Avenue A, W/B to Esplande. Continue Avenue A to Avenue H, alternating East & West on the Avenues (always S/B PCH and S/B Esplanade). End Route at Avenue H and PCH.

Make up Days: Friday 12/14; Saturday 12/15; and Sunday 12/16

•Due to the size of Santa’s sleigh, and safety first, Santa will not be stopping on busy streets such as Manhattan Bch Bl, Aviation Bl, Artesia, Grant Av, 190th St, Prospect, PCH, Catalina.•His helpers will pull the sled as near to the curb as possible so he can see each and every one you.•If weather becomes a factor, that night’s area will be skipped, and made up at the end.


Santa milk cookies
Monday evening, December 24, 2018 … T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…. You know the rest…



El Segundo  





Thursday, December 6, 2018   The Annual Tree Lighting… and craft boutique at City Hall Plaza 300 Main Street  3:00 pm-7:00 pm ..

.There will be entertainment, a Santa’s Village with Santa,… The Farmers’ Market will be holding a Holiday Craft Boutique

                                                                                                    The tree will be lighted at 5:30


Sunday, December 9, 20181:00-3:00 pm  …..The 55th Annual El Segundo Christmas Parade..  If you love an old-fashioned parade don’t miss this one.. The parade begins at Main Street and Imperial and goes south to El Segundo Blvd… Don’t miss the fun!


Saturday Dec 15, 2018 …  Candy Cane Lane Opens….6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

 The lights go on at 6:00 pm; Santa usually sits down in his sleigh at about 7:00 pm. The  El Segundo Concert Band plays at 6:30 pm on opening night…Candy Cane Lane itself is closed to cars but parking is available… 1200  Acacia Street  El Segundo …..off Imperial Blvd. Just follow the signs…





Santa in El Segundo    ...  Santa will be visiting El Segundo from Monday, December 3, 2018 – Wednesday December 12, 2018.. 

To find out when he will be in your neighborhood check with the head Elf ..



Monday evening  December 24 2018…T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…. You know the rest



If you have an event you would like to add… just e-mail me and I will add it to the list….
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