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Each year designers and design magazines feature new trends in home design.  Some home design trends seem to stay around for a few years while others are literally here today and gone next year.   Home colors are one of those items that seem to change every year but if you scan through different ideas you will find that some colors tend to stick around longer than others.


Every year brings a new color scheme that is the must have for new and updated homes. Every year brings new ideas and colors.This year is no exception… Houzz website’s  features trendy colors run the gamut from light gray to a deep purplish gray. While Pantone Color Institute has chosen a green hue called appropriately enough Greenery as their color of the year.   In between these two opposite trends, a number of designers are pushing cool color palates with pops of color in the main room along with bedrooms featuring deep lush colors.. crimson, deep purple, royal blue.   Staying on top of the hot colors is not for the faint of heart.


Meanwhile, there are other ideas that have been popping up in magazines and new construction home.   Lighter wood flooring, often almost with a bleached unvarnished look is very popular.  White and colored painted kitchen cabinets are everywhere along with light colored counters with marble or quartz countertops. Dual paint colors are quite popular.. with white as the main color and gray as the contrast.  Backsplashes seem to be moving toward geometric patterns but personally, I find them too busy. I like glass tile with a little color thrown in.. Pendant lighting is also a new feature in many kitchens. The variety of sizes makes nice contrast with lighter kitchen colors



Bathrooms are seeing changes with vanities making a comeback.. some even with drawers instead of baskets.  Old chests or other vintage cabinets are also making a splash.. as well as very clean white cabinets with marble looking counters..  Glass and metal are a clean look compared to heavier sinks/counters from a few years ago.  As with kitchen trends, pendant lighting in bathrooms and bedrooms is found everywhere.


Master bedrooms, as well as other bedrooms, are getting much-needed closet makeovers.  Custom closets with a spot for everything are the new it trend for many consumers.,  Think drawers specially designed for underwear, socks, belts, scarves or other small items.  Shelves for shoes and hat boxes featuring multi-levels to fit the exact piece of clothing.  Some master closets have washers and dryers inside the closet. Hooks are another big item in closets.  These are often found in children’s bedrooms as they are easier for smaller kids to hang clothes.


Outdoor space is highly prized.  Many patio living areas have kitchens that a master chef would envy!  Lounge furniture that is comfortable is a must as is a full-size dining table for entertaining guests.  In California native plants are replacing huge lawns but we still like a little green here and there.  Water features..large spas and pools are items that you either love or hate but they do add a little fab to a large yard.
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*** Photos are from HOUZZ..  a great place for design ideas…

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