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El Segundo is the last of the four South Bay/Beach Cities and the only one who doesn’t have beach as part of the name.   A lot of people forget that El Segundo does have a stretch of beach just north of El Porto in Manhattan Beach.  El Segundo is the Country Cousin compared  to Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

El Segundo is where  Main Street really is the name of the main street in town.  Residents call their town Main Street USA  because it looks like a street from a 1930’s movie set.  You can just see Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney leading the neighborhood kids to the High School auditorium where they will put on a play to save the town from the bad guys.  I love this town.. it is just so adorable and did I mention it doesn’t have a lot of traffic.

El Segundo actually started life as a company town. It was part of the old Rancho Sisal which included the areas we now know as Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach .  Most of the land along the coast was huge sand dunes. I’d be willing to bet that as commuters make their way along Vista del Mar each morning and afternoon they don’t realize that those hills to the east are actually big sand dunes.

In 1911 Executives from Standard Oil were looking for another location in California to use as a refinery.  They needed to have it close to the ocean so they could set up shipping and near enough to a major city they would be able to attract workers.. El Segundo looked like the ideal spot.  The name El Segundo means the second and El Segundo became the second refinery for Standard Oil of California.   Six years later the town of El Segundo became incorporated on January 18, 1917.

El Segundo was truly a company town.  For many years probably 85% of the population worked in some capacity for Standard Oil.   Standard Oil has donated a lot of money for various city projects over the years. After World War II the dynamics of the community changed as the aerospace industry began to be the major employer in the area.  By 1960 El Segundo became the “Aerospace Capital of the World”.  Today El Segundo is home to people who work in many diverse fields.

Walking down Main Street is like walking back in time to another era and place.  El Segundo has always had the feel of a small Midwest town and over the years the city has maintained its charm.  Many of the residents have ties that go back to the founding of the town.

El Segundo has a terrific School system with two elementary schools , an Intermediate school and a High School.  The High School is a striking example of Art Deco and has been made famous in many TV Shows and films.

The July 4th Fireworks program is a favorite through out the South Bay.  The Hometown Fair is in May in Library Park . In the fall the El Segundo Art Association has a show in the Library.

Sports and sport programs have always been a part of El Segundo. The Lakers  have their practice sessions in El Segundo as do The Kings.  George and Bobby Brett are home town boys.  The Lakes is a wonderful Par 3 Executive golf course with a great practice area.

While El Segundo has had much success with their two Business Parks on Sepulveda and Rosecrans, it may be  new commercial ventures and new restaurants that will make El Segundo famous.  The Plaza El Segundo on Rosecrans and Sepulveda and Rosecrans will be expanding soon. Building has already started and should be completed soon.

The Real Estate market in El Segundo has always been remarkably  stable.  There is rarely a lot of inventory.  Many of the homes are classic Craftsman and Spanish, although there are a number of new construction projects through out the city.  In recent years El Segundo has seen an upswing in townhomes.  There have been some  major projects on Grand Ave in the last few years.  One of the most popular seems to be a group of  work/live units that sold quickly.  El Segundo also has some Office/Live units on Richmond.    Other cities in the South Bay are taking note and we may soon see similar projects.

If you are looking for a small town feel close to the bright lights of the Big City then El Segundo may be the place for you.


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