Hermosa Beach

Hermosa means beautiful in Spanish and this little beach town certainly fits the description.  Hermosa is often thought of as the little sister to her more upscale neighbor to the north Manhattan Beach.  Hermosa is a younger version of Manhattan Beach with its quaint downtown and trendy Pier Plaza night life. 

Hermosa Beach almost didn’t get started. The vote to incorporate was only passed by one vote.. 24 to 23. The close vote might have happened because when the Hermosa Land and Water gave the city the deed there was a clause that no liquor could be sold in the city. This lasted until prohibition was voted out.  How times have changed!

Officially Hermosa is the smallest of the Beach Cities with 1.3 square miles of land. The city runs about 15 blocks from east to west and 40 blocks from north to south, with the Pacific Coast Highway running down the middle.

The 2010 census puts the population at approximately 19,506 with slightly more males then females. The average household income is about $100,755.   60% of the population are homeowners and 40% are renters.  However that figure may be changing as more and more renters are deciding to stay in the city and are buying homes.

Fun things to do in Hermosa Beach are the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade held in March and Fiesta Hermosa which inaugurates the beginning of summer over Memorial Day Week-end and says farewell to summer over Labor Day Week-end. The event hosts local artists as well as others.  There is a food court and a games area for the kids..I always find fun and unique items for gifts.

Don’t forget the Farmer’s Market every Friday at Valley and 11th Street.

While Huntington Beach and Santa Cruz fight over the term Surf City USA.. Hermosa  truly celebrates surfing in California… think Greg Noll, Hap Jacobs, Dewey Weber and Body Glove.   These are the pioneers in surf boards and wet suits.  The Hermosa Pier has the Surfers Walk of Fame…The seven charter Surfers Walk of Fame Members are: Bing Copland, Hap Jacobs, Greg Noll, Mike Purpus, Jeff Stoner, Dale Velzy and Dewey Weber (1969 National Surfing Champion).

Hermosa  Beach also is home to a number of special sports and entertainment events.. Check the Hermosa Beach City Calendar for dates.  You can see some of the best pro- volleyball on the beach at Pier Ave. or catch Jimmy Buffet in a surprise concert.

Hermosa shares The Strand walkway with Manhattan Beach.  The Strand is the path along the ocean.  People walk, ride bikes and skate from Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach with stops for food and fun along the way.  As in Manhattan Beach prices for property along The Strand and in other parts of the city have shot up in recent years. There are still a few vintage homes in Hermosa Beach along The Strand that help us remember when beach houses were beach houses.    Townhomes are a popular choice for many who live in the city as they are less expensive then single family homes. . 

Hermosa Beach is divided into three main areas.. the Sand Section ( west of Valley Drive to the beach) The Valley Section( west of Pacific Coast Highway to the Sand section ) and the Hermosa Hills which is located east of Pacific Coast Highway and ends at the Redondo Beach boundary.  

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