Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a coastal city located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, USA.Manhattan Beach is ideally located on the Pacific Ocean about 3.5 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport. The city is south of El Segundo and north of Hermosa Beach. Manhattan Beach is a hot spot for beach volleyball and surfing.

Manhattan Beach was incorporated on  December 7, 1912  reportedly after some whispers in the ears of the husbands of the ladies of the Neptunian Woman’s club.  These special women also started the first library and the first school in our city.  The current Pier was completed in 1920 and is the oldest cement pier on the west coast.

In the beginning the city consisted of a few small beach cottages on huge sand dunes that dotted the landscape.  There was no Strand walkway along the beach.  The Santa Fe Railroad ran along the coast through Manhattan to the Wharf in Redondo at about where the Strand is today. The higher part of the Strand that runs through Manhattan Beach owes much  to the sand dunes that used to make up the beach front and the old Railroad tracks.  Manhattan Beach had so much sand  from the dunes that in the ’20’s Kuhn Bros. construction and the territory of Hawaii made a deal where the sand from Manhattan Beach was shipped to Waikiki.

In Polliwog Park one of the original homes, built in 1905, has been preserved.  The home is open on weekends and is staffed by a member of the historical society.   More information on the history on Manhattan Beach can be found at the historical society  site.

Manhattan Beach is ideally located.  We are close to Santa Monica and the Westside,  Century City financial offices and about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles.  The 405, 105 and 91 Freeways are just minutes from Manhattan Beach.

The city is 3.88 miles square with 2.1 miles of coastline.  Approximately half of the city land is devoted to residential use. The 2010 census put the population close to 34,000.  Our population is a diverse mixture.  We have new people moving to our town daily and older residents who have lived here all their lives.   We have the downtown area with casual beach shops, restaurants and the Metlox Center. The Manhattan Village Mall shopping center is located on Sepulveda.  Along Rosecrans Ave there are restaurants,offices, stores and a large shopping center at the corner of Rosecrans and Sepulveda.  Technically all buildings on the north side of Rosecrans are in El Segundo.

Manhattan Beach Schools are some of the best in California.  The high test scores have brought many families to our community.  We have five elementary schools, one Intermediate School and one High School.   We are proud of our students and teachers and their consistent high levels of scholarship.

Our lifestyle is Beach Casual.  Many of the things residents enjoy have to do with our close proximity to the ocean. Walking to downtown and strolling along the Strand is a favorite week end activity.  Surfing is a passion for young and old.  Riding the waves is still a great sport no matter what your age.  The Marine Lab at the end of the Pier offers residents and visitors a chance to become familiar with the various life forms that populate our oceans.

Volleyball is played along the beach from El Segundo to South Redondo. Every August, the city hosts the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament and the International Surf Festival.  The Hometown Fair is the first weekend in October and starts with a 10K race that runs through the city. The Fair is adult and kid friendly. If you stroll through the Fair you will seem to see everyone you know. The Halloween Pumpkin race is a favorite at the end of October.  In November we have the Pier Lighting which is the start of the holiday season. In December Santa visits every neighborhood in the city.

Manhattan Beach is the most expensive of the Beach Cities that make up our South Bay Community.  While prices saw a downward trend during the recession they bounced back and are now well above previous levels.

There is almost no vacant land left in the city.  Most new homes are built on property where an older home was torn down. The value of many older and smaller homes in Manhattan Beach is in the land.  There is often not much difference in value between a tear down and a fixer as the structure often has little worth. Most homes in the sand section near the water are on small lots usually 30×90 .  In the tree section the lots vary in size from 40×135  to 40×110.  In East Manhattan Beach most of the lots are 50×150 .. in Manhattan Heights there are a number of lots that are 50x 100.. Most of these are east of Redondo Ave in the Liberty Village neighborhood.  Condos and townhomes are more affordable then single family homes due to the high cost of land in our city.

The city is made up of 5 basic neighborhoods:

The Sand Section (Multiple Listing Service area 142)

This includes El Porto and runs south to Hermosa Beach and is west of Valley drive

The Tree Section ( MLS area 143)

The Tree section is south of Rosecrans to Manhattan Beach Blvd and is east of Valley Drive and west of Sepulveda

The Hill Section (MLS area 144)

The Hill Section is west of Sepulveda, South of Manhattan Beach Blvd, North of Longfellow and east of Valley Drive

Manhattan Village (MLS area 145)

This is the gated housing area between Marine and Rosecrans behind the Manhattan Beach Mall

Manhattan Heights (MLS area 146)

Manhattan Heights is south of Marine, north of Manhattan Beach Blvd, east of Sepulveda and west of Aviation

Mira Costa (MLS area 147)

Mira Costa is south of Manhattan Beach Blvd., north of Artesia, west of Sepulveda and west of Aviation.

Please take a walk with me in my lovely city by the sea……

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