El Segundo: Market Report May-July 2017





El Segundo is not traditionally considered a Beach City.. although it does have a beach.  Home prices have shot up in El Segundo in the last year. The starter homes on nice lots under $700,000 are gone. Home prices in El Segundo are more affordable than Manhattan, Hermosa or South Redondo but they are moving up fast.  You can find a condo under $600,000 but the least expensive single family home is over $900,000.  Updated and remodeled homes are inching closer to the $2 million mark.


If you are looking for a starter property you might think about a 2 bedroom condo in El Segundo.  Many of these units are priced under $600,000.  They are a good price point for a first home. The same unit in North Redondo is going to cost you well over $600,000. If you are looking for a location within walking distance to the beach, a similar unit  In Hermosa will cost  $750,000 more.   In Manhattan Beach, two similar units closed escrow over  $800,000.


Looking at the median home price chart below you can follow the movement in prices in El Segundo.   Prices really started moving upward in 2016.   Silicon Valley South in Playa Vista brought in a large number of new tech jobs. Not everyone wanted to live in the confines of Playa Vista. Many people with children didn’t want LA City Schools.   El Segundo was a great alternative to Playa Vista. El Segundo has its own school system which is a huge plus.  You can drive or bike to work and homes were very affordable.  You can still drive or bike to work but home prices have moved up.. a lot!




El Segundo Active Listings: 

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El Segundo Median Sale Price May-July  2017:





El Segundo: Number of Homes Sold May-July 2017: 

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