Manhattan Beach-Beach Cities: When’s the Right Time to Sell




One of the major considerations in selling a home is timing.  If you don’t have to move tomorrow, a big question for sellers is  when should I put my home on the market ?  Of course what sellers really want to know is when can I get the most money for my house?


If you live in the Midwest or Northeast winter is probably not the best time to market your home.  In California or Florida the answer might be anytime  is a good time to sell.  But even in California there are times that seem to be better than others.  In Manhattan Beach and the Beach Cities Spring seems to be the hot market. The weekend after Superbowl Sunday seems to be the time to hit the market.


The Beach Cities( Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo and El Segundo)  had 27 new residential  listings( homes, condos, townhomes) hit the market after Super Bowl Sunday.    Currently Manhattan Beach has 85 homes, townhomes and condos for sale, Hermosa has 40 properties on the market, North Redondo has 41, South Redondo has 31 and El Segundo has 15 properties for sale. Even with the Super Bowl bump there is still not much inventory available.   Typically June has the highest number of homes for sale as folks often wait until school is out..


Fewer homes on the market means less competition so early Spring appeals to many sellers.  However there are still a number of homes that remain unsold from November,  December and January.  While many homes went off the market in December some are returning in recent weeks at lower prices.  While the Beach Cities market remains  strong more inventory can affect prices..


Timing the market is always tough.. The #1 rule to remember  is that no one is smarter than the market.  The best time to sell your home is when you need to sell.   For most sellers that means a very nice bonus over the price they paid.  That bonus may not be as much as you want it to be but it will be what the market believes is fair.





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