Manhattan Beach: Weekly Real Estate Market Reports 2019

Kaye Thomas June 18, 2019

 Walkstreet Manhattan Beach



Home prices in Manhattan Beach remain relatively stable.  While prices didn’t shoot up as much in 2018 as they had in previous years, they are still on the high side.

Looking over the median sale price for homes in Manhattan Beach shows the peak to have been in October of 2017.  Prices in August of 2018 were the second highest median sale price.  The highest number of homes sold in Manhattan Beach in a given month was June 2017 with 59 home sales. The second highest was June 2018 with 53 closed escrows.

Interest rates are very stable at the moment .  They are higher than in 2017 or even in much of last year, but remain at historic lows. The good news for buyers and sellers may just be that we are seeing a “normal” market for a change.   Inventory will again be a major factor in the number of sales as well as the prices.



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