North Redondo Beach-90278: Weekly Market Reports 2018

Kaye Thomas May 21, 2019

North Redondo Beach Townhome...

North Redondo remains the most affordable of the Beach Cities.  Buyers looking to buy a  home under $800,000 may be in for some sticker shock.  Home prices in North Redondo have risen sharply in recent months.  Finding a townhome or condo under $750,000 is tough. A single family home in that price range is almost impossible. The median single-family home price in North Redondo in 2018 was $1.1 million.  The least expensive single family home on the market in January 2019 is $848,000.

As with all the Beach Cities, a major factor in 2019 will be inventory.  If inventory remains low, prices will continue to rise. Higher interest rates will be a factor but if they remain around 5% or less the market should continue to remain very stable.







North Redondo Beach-90278: 7 Day Market Report 2018: Single Family Homes

North Redondo Beach-90278: 7 Day Market Report 2018: Townhomes/Condos:



North Redondo-90278: Median Sale Prices:


North Redondo-90278: Number of Sales:







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