Redondo Beach: January -March 2017 Home Sales

Kaye Thomas April 30, 2017




Queens’s Necklace View Redondo Beach:







This weekend marks the beginning of the 125th Anniversary celebrations for The City of  Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach has a very interesting and a very long history. Beginning in 1890 Redondo Beach was the hot spot of the L.A. area. The Red Cars ran from downtown to Redondo Beach.   The area surrounding the Pier featured  The Hotel Redondo, a magnificent resort hotel with a golf course.  There were a number of things to do including a salt water plunge and The Redondo Beach Lightning Racer roller coaster as well as other attractions for folks wanting to spend a day at the beach.


There have been a lot of changes in the last 125 years.  Redondo Beach is still a great place to visit with fabulous views along the Esplanade.  If you want to live near the ocean,  Redondo Beach is the most affordable of the Beach Cities.  Folks who find themselves priced out of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach can often find exactly the right property in either North or South Redondo.


While Redondo Beach is the largest of the Beach Cities, Inventory has been very low in recent years. There is a possibility that might be changing.In the last 10 days, 40 properties hit the market in Redondo Beach  An uptick in inventory would give folks in the under one million dollar range a boost. That said properties are moving fairly fast.  There are currently 94 in escrow.   As of April 29, 69 properties have closed escrow.  The median price in April in North Redondo was $900,000 and $1,125,000.00 in South Redondo.


Redondo Beach Inventory: January-March 2017: 

North Redondo Beach: Number of homes sold  January-March 2017:

North Redondo Beach: Median Home Price January-March 2017:

South Redondo: Median Home Price January-March 2017: 

South Redondo Beach: Number of Homes Sold January-March 2017: 


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