Manhattan Beach: September Home Sales 2012-2016






The Hometown Fair is over and The World Famous Pumpkin race is Sunday October 23, 2016....  It must be Fall in Manhattan Beach!  Fall is typically a time when real estate sales slow as buyers and sellers look toward the holidays.  This year we  have a Presidential race claiming our attention as well as numerous ballot initiatives. Just one of these happenings can influence a market.. all of them together make for interesting speculation.


September had  38  home sales. That was the same number as September 2015 and one less than August of this year. . October  sales are  looking good.  As of today twenty eight homes have closed escrow.  With another 12 days left in the month  we could see the same number as  September and possibly more.  Many of these homes went into escrow 45-60 day ago.   The  key number for the balance of the year will be  properties entering escrow after September 1,2016



Inventory is much better than last year at the same period which is good news for buyers…

Home Sales are remaining steady.. Median home prices bumped up over the $2.0 mark.  Once again the mix of the sold properties can make a difference. Prices for townhomes  bumped up in September with a few sand section sales.  There are a number of new homes that have yet to find a buyer.  In addition there seem to be new projects on every street.  This  might be an opportunity to negotiate a good price if you close by the end of the year. .



Moving? Know the value of your home …